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New Android Online Batch Starts on Oct 16 2017

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Android Training Syllabus

1.  Introduction
•        What is Android
•        Android Architecture
•        Android Application Fundamentals
•        Android Application Components
•        Security and Permissions
2. First Experience with ANDROID application
•        Android Installation and Eclipse
•        First Android application
•        Running and Debugging through DDMS
•        Android Project Structure
•        Android development Tools
 3. Activity and Intents
•        Activity Lifecycle
•        Declaring and Launching the Activities
•        Intents and Intent Filters
•        Linking Activities Using Intents
•        Calling Built-in Applications using Intents
•        Managing Android Resources
 4. Designing User Interface
•        Layouts and Screen Orientation
•        Basic Views (TextView, Button, ImageButton, EditText, CheckBox, ToggleButton, RadioButton, RadioGroup Views, ProgressBar,    SeekBar, AutoCompleteTextView)
•        Picker Views (TimePicker, DatePicker)
•        List Views (ListView, SpinnerView)
•        Styles and Themes
•        Creating the User Interface using Fragments
•        Creating the User Interface Programatically
 5. Menus, Dialogs and Images with Views
•        Using ImageViews to display Pictures (Gallery, ImageView, ImageSwitcher, GridView)
•        Using Menus with Views (Options Menu, Context Menu, Sub menus)
•        Additional Views (AnalogClock and DigitalClock views, WebView)
•        Adapter – Array Adapter, List Adapter, Simple CursorAdapter
•        AlertDialog, ProgressDialog, Toasts
 6. Files, Saving State and Shared Preferences
•        Saving Application Data
•        Creating and Saving Preferences
•        Retrieving Shared Preferences
•        Reading, Writing, Saving and Loading files
•        Including Static Files as Resources
•        Accessing SD Cards
7. Working with SQLite Database and Content Providers
•        Introduction
•        SQLite Database Helper and Creating a Database
•        Opening and Closing a Database
•        Working with Cursors Inserts, updates and deletes
•        Creating a new Content Provider
•        Using a Content Provider
•        Native Content Provider
 8. Telephony and SMS
•        Making Calls
•        Accessing Phone Properties and Status
•        Controlling the phone
•        Incoming and Outgoing Call Monitoring
•        Sending and Receiving SMS messages
•        Autosend an SMS Based on a Received SMS
9. Services and Threads
•        Introduction to Services, Life cycle of Service
•        Creating your own Services
•        Local Services and Remote Services
•        InterProcessCommunication(IPC) using Services
•        Using Background Threads, Handlers
•        Using AsyncTask
 10. Broadcast Receivers and Notifications
•        Introduction to Broadcast Receivers
•        Implementing your own Broadcast Receiver
•        System Broadcasts and How to use them
•        Notifications – Raising a notification
•        Handling multiple notifications
•        AlarmManager and Pending Intents
11. Multimedia and Camera
•        Simple media playback
•        Recording audio and video
•        Capturing Pictures using Camera
•        Setting the Picture as wallpaper
•        Camera Torch Application
12. Networking and Web Services
•        Sending an email
•        Downloading an Image from Internet
•        Monitoring and Managing Internet Connectivity
•        Android WebServices
•        Communication of Android with Servlets and PHP
•        JSON Parsing and XML Parsing
13. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
•        Bluetooth – Enabling and Disabling
•        Increasing Discoverable time for Bluetooth,
•        Wi-Fi Manager – Enabling and Disabling Wi-Fi
14. Android Integration
•      Android – FaceBook Integration
•      Android – Twitter Integration
•      Android – DropBox Integration
•      Android – Picasa Integration
15. Graphics and Animations
•        Drawing Graphics in Android
•        Working with Images and Operations on Images
•        Frame Animation and Tweened Animations
16. Maps and Location-based Services
•        Getting Location Data using Location Manager
•        Creating Map-based Activities
•        Finding the Current Location
17. Deployment of Android Application
•        Generating .apk file
•        Deploying the app onto the Device
•        Signing and Publishing the apps
 18. Miscallenous Topics


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