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Monday, September 1, 2014

Introduction to Android

Introduction to Android platform :

Computer is used for problem solving.
But in today's advanced world, as technology is at the peak, almost all problems can be solved using the Mobile devices.
Previously you have programmed(written applications) to a computer using C,C++,Java,Dotnet etc
now let us start programming(writing applications) for a Mobile Device.

Limitations for programming(application development) to a Mobile Device :

Mobile Device is a pure hardware.
It requires a System software to function(i.e Operating System)
So previously there are Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Apple IOS for Mobiles.
But All of them are proprietary i.e
1)    Their source code is not available open to all & one has to purchase the SDK of         the above O.S to get into the Application development.
2)    Finally The Application Developers are not given the liberty to stretch their innovation & build the applications with their flying thoughts.
 A community under the roof of Google known as OHA(Open Handset Alliance) thought to come up with a open source platform which encourages the Mobile Application Developers to put all their innovative ideas into practice.
So at last They unveiled the powerful, open source platform – ANDROID
ANDROID gave the solution to all the problems faced by the Mobile Application Developers

In Mobile World, There are 4 communities of people :

1)    Mobile Users :
2)    Mobile Operators :
3)    Mobile Application Developers :
4)    Handset Manufacturers :

Each community has its own problems.
A great solution to the problems faced by these communities is ANDROID.

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