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Monday, September 1, 2014

My Class Day 1

Objective of Day
1) Why should you learn Android?? 
- to develop Applications for Mobile Devices

2) What is Android - informally 
- Solution given by Computer Technology for the problem faced by Communication Technology.

3) Technical Definition of Android 
- Software Stack for Mobile Devices

4) Java - Platform Independency - Android Application Developement 

5) Market of Android - 8,50,000 devices. 65% shares - on Android.

Day 1 Notes : 

C,C++,Java etc --> to develop Applications --> for Computer

Android --> to develop Applications --> for Mobile Devices (Smart phones, Tablets, notebook PCs, Google TVs) 

What is Android ??

--> IT (Information Technology)
Computer Technology + Communication Technology
    (OS, DS, DBMS, CD, AI etc) (Computer Networks, Mobile Communications etc)

problem - Computer Technology - Transfer of Data
solution - Communication Technology - LAN, MAN, WAN

problem - Communication Technology(Mobile Devices) 
- Meeting the User Requirements - Limitations - 
     - Cost 
     - Adaptation to 
1) Limited Screen
2) Limited Memory
3) Limited Processing power
     - Responsiveness
        solution - Computer Technology - Symbian, BlackBerry, Apple IOS --- ANDROID

Android - final & powerful solution 

--> Cost - Cheaper 
--> Compatible to many companies
--> Limited Screen - Scalable
--> Limited Memory - Android automatically kill background(non-usable) apps
--> Limited Processing Power - DVM (Dalvik Virtual Machine) 
--> very quick - seamlessness

Why Android?? - Mobile Application Development
What Android?? Solution given by Computer Technology --> for problem faced by Communication Technology

--> What is Android??
ans) Software stack for Mobile Devices which include Operating System, Middleware Services, Key Applications

Combination of 4 softwares: Applications + Application Framework + DVM + LINUX Kernel

--> Android is built on LINUX Kernel because LINUX is open-source which means it is free and source code is open to all and you can modify it.
--> Android application is executed by DVM(Dalvik Virtual Machine) similar to JVM(Java Virtual Machine) in Java.
--> Application Framework provides services for your application at run time.
--> Your application sits at top layer along with other built-in applications like Contacts, SMS application, Calculator etc.

--> Market of Android :
 huge scope - Sale -  8,50,000 Android Mobiles are activated per day.
 No Licensing fee (or) no Certification required - Google Play 
 You can start your own company without Software team initially.

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